La Chouette



The chouette, French for owl, can be found in downtown Dijon on Rue de la Chouette.  Nobody really knows who carved the small owl into one of the flying buttresses of the Notre Dame Church. Some think it is simply the architect's trade mark, others that it was the work of a master stone crafter.  What the people of Dijon do agree upon is that if you make a wish and rub the owl with your left hand your wish will come true.


Notre Dame


The Notre Dame church is an example of XIIIth century gothic architecture. It was built between 1230 and 1250. The front of the church is covered with a large variety of false gargoyles. In the church itself you can see original XIIIth century stained glass windows. Here you'll also find The Black Virgin, also known as Our Lady of Good Hope. She dates back to the XIth century and is one of the oldest in France.  





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