For my project I bought 2 balls of Onde Orangeade and 4 balls of plain White.  Total price was 25.60 Euros ($31)!  I still have one ball of the white left so the sweater really only cost me 22.60 Euro ($27).  If you paid much more than this you are getting ripped off!  Contact me if you are interested in obtaining Phildar yarn or patterns.  I'd be interested in a swap for some American knitting supplies that I can't find here in France.

Here's the pattern I choose for my Onde yarn.  It's pattern #8 from the Family Circle Easy Knitting Summer 2003 issue.  My Onde knit at 6 stitches per inch on 4 mm (6 US) needles so I had to adjust the sizing somewhat.   I ended up casting on 104 stitches.

I knit this so quickly I don't have any photos showing my progress.   Here's a close-up of the final, cool gradient effect that Onde makes all on its own.

Here's the photo that was posted at Chic Knits on Thursday, May 20th.  Thanks again Bonne Marie for liking my sweater enough to post it!  You are one of my knitting idols! 

Here is an "after" shot showing the same sweater with some crab stitch crocheted around the neckline and sleeves.  The change is not too noticeable but it got rid of the Flashdance look I'd get whenever it'd fall off my shoulder.  Two rows around the neckline were enough to fix the problem. 

Close-up of the sleeve

Close-up of the neckline

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